Thermoplastic - Myla CM Metalised Heat Activated Molding Material (Price Per Sheet)

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Myla CM is a unique molding material specifically designed for the millinery, fashion and theatrical industries. It is great for masks, costumes, millinery, castings & hand molded sculptural pieces. It has a sticky backing on one side so any type of fabric can be stuck to it (including fabric, straws and leather). When heated it becomes soft, allowing it to be molded and shaped by hand or on a mold or block. Once cooled it retains the molded shape. Please note when the glossy metallic side is heated, it may result in a more matt finish. We recommend testing small pieces first to ensure you obtain the desired effect. Product Measurements The sheets are approximately 0.5mm thick and sold in units of 30 x 30cm (1/8 of a full sheet). Please note that we generally only keep small sheets of this product so please let us know if you want larger/continuous sheets. Refer to the table below for sizing and pricing information.
Product Measurements
Thickness: approximately 0.5mm
Size  Dimensions  Order QTY Price
1/8th Sheet 30cm x 30cm 1 $19.90
Quarter Sheet 30 x 60cm 2 $39.80
Half Sheet 60 x 60cm 4 $71.60
Full Sheet 120 x 120cm 8 $127.40
If other colours are available for this product, these are listed in the table below. Please note colour variations may occur especially on naturally occurring products and those that have been dyed. We try our best to ensure colour consistency but cannot guarantee that two different products with the same colour description will have the same colour.