Thermoplastic - Fosshape ® Heat Activated Moulding Material 114cm (Price per 1m)

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Fosshape ® 300 Thermoplastic is a unique molding material capable of being formed into lightweight creations, including masks, costumes, millinery, castings & hand molded sculptural pieces. Sometimes referred to as 'Buckram replacement', it initially resembles felt/pellon/wadding and can be easily be cut with scissors (will not fray), and readily sewn to itself or other fabrics (as a hidden stiffener). When heated the material will shrink and become stiffer and smoother, and once cooled it retains its rigid molded shape. This material is perfect as a standalone sculpture for stage-production props, costumes & cosplay, puppetry, modelling, masks, and even millinery bases or it can further be used as an underlying structural support aid for materials incapable of standing on their own. It accepts paint (including sprays), latex and dyes as a coating. This material is 114cm wide and is priced per 1m.

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Product Measurements

Width: 114cm | Priced per 1m

If other colours are available for this product, these are listed in the table below. Please note colour variations may occur especially on naturally occurring products and those that have been dyed. We try our best to ensure colour consistency but cannot guarantee that two different products with the same colour description will have the same colour.

Fosshape ® makes for an excellent blocking material alternative to buckram. It is recommended that Fosshape ® is blocked or stretched over a mould/block first prior to applying heat. Once the desired shape is acquired, heat can be applied directly to the surface to create a more rigid form/shape (see below for heating instructions). Please note this material shrinks into its rigid form upon activation, so remember to allow for this in your design.

Heating is recommended using either industrial hot air guns, garment steamers or conventional steam irons. Overheating may cause holes/voids in the material and may eventually result in it burning. It should also be noted that this material will shrink upon heating and that re-heating it will not restore its original condition. For safety reasons, avoid bare skin contact with Fosshape ® while applying heat. 

This product consists of breathable composite synthetic polyester fibre which is non-woven and features the relatively low melting point of approximately 93 degrees Celcius. When heated above this point, Fosshape ® becomes activated (sets in rigid form) and like all thermoplastics, will retain its molded shape once cooled. It is water and mildew resistant meaning that any application of water will NOT result in loss of structure or integrity and it results in none of the mess associated with other molding materials such as buckram and paper-mache.

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