Fascinator Hat Bases

Want to create something fabulous is record timing? Well look no further than our Fascinator and Hat Bases collection. It is full of time saving products including; Blocked Hat Bases, Sinamay Saucer Discs, Sinamay Base shapes such as circular and teardrop, Buntal Saucer Discs, Buntal Hat shapes such as button, air-hostess and teardrop. These options allow you to skip the blocking and manipulation phase giving you a base to work on leaving you time to explore your creativity and produce a unique and stunning design!

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  1. www.houseofadorn.com - Sinamay Mini Circle Base 6cm
    Sinamay Mini Circle Base 6cm
    From $3.50
  2. www.houseofadorn.com - Sinamay Circle Base 11cm
    Sinamay Circle Base 11cm
    From $5.00
  3. www.houseofadorn.com - Sinamay Circle Base 14cm
    Sinamay Circle Base 14cm
    From $7.00
  4. www.houseofadorn.com - Sinamay Teardrop base
    Sinamay Teardrop base
  5. www.houseofadorn.com - Sinamay Narrow Teardrop Base
    Sinamay Narrow Teardrop Base
    From $5.50
  6. www.houseofadorn.com - Buntal Reversible Paisley Teardrop Base
    Buntal Reversible Paisley Teardrop Base
    From $19.90
  7. www.houseofadorn.com - Felt Teardrop Base
    Felt Teardrop Base
  8. www.houseofadorn.com - Felt Circle Base 11cm
    Felt Circle Base 11cm
    From $5.20
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