Lace Stretch Trims for Dance

Try our assortment of Stretch Lace Trims to add a feminine touch to your next project. The delicate nature of the designs can be used to soften an aesthetic or contrast with more bold features to enhance your design. These trims generally have a continuous pattern and are elasticated so that they can expand and contract where necessary making them a practical addition to your project. They are most popularly used to finish an edge, hem, seam or junction whilst also adding a unique flair to make your design stand out.

Make sure that the garment you would like to apply it to is stretched into the desired shape when worn to assist with attaching the trim and to ensure there will be no restrictions to the wearer’s movement. Our collection has a range of styles that are stunning on their own or can be complemented with other embellishments or features.

We supply an extensive variety suitable for many industries, however lace trims are especially embraced within the bridal and lingerie industries. Other popular applications for lace trims are costume, fashion, sleepwear, accessories and millinery.

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