Blocked Hat Shape - 20/20 Buckram

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Pre-blocked hat shapes save time and effort, shaving off the hours typically spent by the process of blocking. This raw product has been made using 20/20 or Buckram and comes in a variety of standard hat block shapes for your convenience. Essentially, it is designed to be covered - for a finer finish, it is highly recommended to cover it first with either wadding or flannel fabric. Sold as an individual piece. PLEASE NOTE: The blocking process may leave residual gloom marks in some areas. As this item is designed to be covered, it should not impact the final product once created.
Product Measurements
Diameter of blocked area: 19cm | Sold per: Individual Base
If other colours are available for this product, these are listed in the table below. Please note colour variations may occur especially on naturally occurring products and those that have been dyed. We try our best to ensure colour consistancy but cannot guarantee that two different products with the same colour description will have the same colour.