Birch Haberdashery & Craft Assorted Sewing Kit

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Birch® Back to School Sewing Kit contains all of the necessary tools for the beginner milliner. Each set includes: 1x Wrist Pin Cushion 1x Scissors (Blade Length: 210mm) 1x Thimble 1x Needle Threader 30x Compact Needles (40mm Approx) 1x Tape Measure (150cm/60inch) 1x Seam Ripper 1x Fabric Pen 20x Berry Pins (32mm) 20x Assorted Safety Pins 1x Name Tag Roll 1x Iron-on Fabric Bond (7cm x 1m) 1x 100m Spool of White Thread 1x 100m Spool of Black Thread 1x Zip-up Kit Storage Bag Sold as an individual set.
Product Measurements
Bag Length: Approx 24cm | Sold Per: Individual Set
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