Wire Guide

Compare all of our wire options with this handy wire guide. This table includes composition and sizing information for each wire that we offer, and a reference for matching ferrule sizes. Click through to each product for more information and to order.

Please note: All measurements are approximate.

Wire   SKU Wire Gauge Stiffness Wire diameter Diameter (with wrap) Matching Ferrule Size

Cotton Covered Wire
Steel wire, wrapped in cotton


TZ-07308 20 gauge Pliable 1mm 1.2mm 2mm (standard / slit)
JB-06089-19G 19 gauge Standard 1.25mm 1.3mm 2mm (standard / slit)
JB-10622-16G 16 guage Firm 1.5mm 2mm 2.5mm (standard / slit)
JB-06089-14G 14 gauge Extra Firm 1.6mm 1.7mm 2.5mm (standard / slit)
Cotton Covered Copper Steel Wire
Copper-plated steel wire, wrapped in cotton
JB-10828 18 gauge Thick & Firm 1mm 1.25mm 2.5mm (standard / slit)
16 gauge 1.25mm 2mm 3mm (slit)
14 gauge 1.6mm 2.2mm 3mm (slit)
Cotton Covered Copper Wire
Copper wire, wrapped in cotton
JB-06089-CC 24 gauge Pliable 0.6mm 0.8mm N/A
18 gauge 1.2mm 1.4mm 2.5mm (standard / slit)
12 gauge 2mm 3mm 2mm (standard / slit)
Rayon Covered Wire
Wire, wrapped in colourful rayon
WT-6820 19 gauge Soft 0.9mm 1mm 2mm (standard / slit)
Paper Covered Wire
Wire, wrapped in paper
SH-01559 22 gauge Pliable 0.7mm 0.8mm 1.5mm (standard)
Paper Covered Craft Wire
Wire, wrapped in colourful paper
WT-6809 24 gauge Soft 0.5mm 0.8mm-1mm 2mm (standard)
Plastic Coated Metal Wire
Wire, coated in plastic
OT-06739 18 gauge Pliable - 1mm 1.5mm (standard)
Plastic Pliable Japanese Wire
Plastic wire
YS-06829 - Pliable 1mm-1.5mm - 2.5mm (standard / slit)
Brim Reed
Plastic wire. Good for brims
YS-01719 20 gauge Retains Curve 0.85mm - 1.5mm (standard)
17 gauge 1.2mm 2mm (standard / slit)
12 gauge 2mm 3mm (slit)
Galvanised Steel Tie Wire
Galvanised steel wire
HW-03796 16 gauge Pliable 1.25mm - 2mm (standard / slit)
Fine Memory Spring Wire
Memory wire. Good for jewelry and brims.
DJ-06085 24 gauge Retains Curve 0.5mm - 1.5mm (standard)
18 gauge 1mm 2mm (standard / slit)
16 gauge 1.2mm 2mm (standard / slit)
14 gauge 1.5mm 2mm (standard / slit)
12 gauge 2mm 2.5mm (standard / slit)
Steel Memory Spring Wire
Steel memory wire. Good for brims.
RT-10389 20 gauge Retains Curve 0.9mm - 1.5mm (standard)
18 gauge 1.25mm 2mm (standard / slit)