Thermoplastic - Worbla® KobraCast Art Heat Activated Molding Material (Price per Sheet)

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This new and improved version of Kobracast, Worbla's® KobraCast Art, is a unique molding material which initially resembles knitted plastic sheeting. It is great for masks, costumes, millinery, castings & hand molded sculptural pieces. When heated it becomes soft, allowing it to be molded and shaped by hand or on a mold or block. Once cooled it retains the molded shape, but remains a little flexible, allowing it to be separated from negative molds including undercuts. This process of heating and cooling can be repeated until the desired shape is acquired. Both sides of the Kobracast ® sheet becomes sticky when heated so fabrics and materials can be stuck to one or both sides of the sheet, or the sheets can be finished with paint/sprays/etc. This version is similar to, but not identical to the old Kobracast, it is slightly stiffer, but has equal stretch.

>> Please see below for full details and instructions on how to use this product. <<

Product Measurements

The sheets are approximately 1.5mm thick and sold in units of 37.5 x 25cm (1/16 of a full sheet). Please note that we will supply a continuous sheet if more than one quantity is purchased. Refer to the table below for sizing and pricing information.

SizeDimensionsOrder QTYPrice
1/16th Sheet37.5cm x 25cm1$14.90
1/8th Sheet37.5cm x 50cm2$27.90
Quarter Sheet75cm x 50cm4$41.88
Half Sheet75cm x 100cm8$65.92
Full Sheet150cm x 100cm16$115.84
If other colours are available for this product, these are listed in the table below. Please note colour variations may occur especially on naturally occurring products and those that have been dyed. We try our best to ensure colour consistency but cannot guarantee that two different products with the same colour description will have the same colour.

Kobracast makes for an excellent blocking material alternative to buckram. The outer surface is capable of flexing once it has been heated (see below for heating instructions).  Molding can be done using tight insulated gloves and, as Kobracast does not stick to skin, can also be molded with bare hands once it is cooled to an acceptable temperature although care must be taken not to burn oneself. 

Kobracast,when heated, becomes sticky enough for other materials such as fabric, leather and straw clothes to stick to its surface. This 'stickyness' allows the Kobracast to stick to itself and hence multiple layers can be used when molding. Kobracast can be sanded, hand painted, spray painted, and coated with other common paint and lacquer finishings.

Heating is recommended using either industrial hot air guns, boiling water or a conventional oven as these are all capable of breaking the 70-80 degree celcius threshold however care should be taken to avoid overheating with excessive temperatures as this may cause the material to burn. Hair Dryers and Irons can also be used but may take longer to heat the sheets. Small areas can be sculpted using a soldering iron or hot glue gun as a heat source (particularly useful for seams). Kobracast remains pliable for approximately 3-5 minutes after heating but can be reheated as many times as required to achieve the perfect mold. After 15 minutes of cooling, the product should be stable and solid. To prevent it from sticking to the mold, it is recommended to use some form of non-stick barrier such as aluminum foil, baking/release paper or cooking spray.

Other applications for this material include theatrical scenery and stage props, models, headgear, armour, cosplay & costumes and even as a convenient light structural repair item. It is denser and heavier than Fosshape and hence is more suited for applications requiring durability. Kobracast can be cut with scrissors/stanley knife, stapled, drilled, bolted and put through a sewing machine. 

This product consists of flexible knitted polyester fabric netting interwoven with thermoplastic. It features a low melting point of approximately 70-80 degrees Celcius. When heated above this point, Kobracast becomes activated (able to be molded or blocked) and like all thermoplastics, will retain its molded shape once cooled. It is water and mildew resistant meaning that any application of water will not result in loss of structure or integrity (unless the water causes it to exceed the 70-80 degree celcius temperature threshold). It leaves none of the mess associated with other molding materials such as buckram and paper-mache.

PLEASE NOTE: When heated, Kobracast should not be applied directly to bare skin as burns may occur.