Stretch Trim - Spandex Elastic Fold-Over 15mm (Price per 1m)

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Spandex fold-over elasticated trim will fit to any edges you might encounter in your project. This handy trim has been stitched to allow for maximum flexibility along its mid-line - giving it the ability to fold nice and evenly around flat borders. Available in multiple colours, this product has a width of 15mm with the mid-line stitch allowing for 8mm fold each side Sold by the metre - If more than one (1) metre is requested, the desired measurement will be provided in continuous length unless our remaining stock restricts us from doing so.
Product Measurements
Trim Width: 15mm | Price per: One (1) metre length
If other colours are available for this product, these are listed in the table below. Please note colour variations may occur especially on naturally occurring products and those that have been dyed. We try our best to ensure colour consistancy but cannot guarantee that two different products with the same colour description will have the same colour.

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