Product Kit - Millinery Materials for Thermoplastic Millinery Deluxe Course Bundle

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This Complete Millinery Product Kit has been put together specifically for those who have purchased the Thermoplastic Deluxe Course from Hat Academy. (You can of course purchase this kit to take advantage of the savings even if you have not purchased any online tutorials.)

The kit contains all the specialised materials you will need to use whilst learning from the online tutorials. All of its components are valued individually at nearly $100.00 however we are offering this bundle at a specially reduced price of $90.00. More information on this Hat Academy online tutorial can be found HERE.

If you do not require all of these products and prefer to pick and choose which items to purchase, please use the normal site menu and search option to find what you are after.

Thermoplastics can be used for millinery applications such as hat blocking and sculptured fascinator additions. It also has many other applications outside of millinery, particularly in costumes and stage props. Each of the thermoplastics included in this kit has specific properties and directions for use which can be accessed via the following links:

Worbla's Finest Art
Worbla's Black Art