Jacquard Procion MX Cold Water Dye Powder (2/3 oz. / 18.71g)

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Extremely vibrant and colourfast, Jacquard's Procion MX Cold Water Dye's are contracted powder dyes that are fixed chemically instead of with heat, making them an ideal alternative to stove-top dyeing methods. In addition to backyard dyeing, batik and tie-dye, MX Dye's are also ideal for shibori, ice dying, tub and low water immersion dying, printing and direct painting. As a fiber-reactive dye, Procion MX forms a strong covalent bond with cellulosic fibers, making it the most permanent and washfast of all dyestuffs. These dyes best work on cellulose fibres such as cotton, linen, canvas and other plant-based fabrics including hemp, jute, ramie, sisal, paper, rayon and more (may also be used with protein fibers if acidified). Further instructions are available at this link. These are permanent dyes and remain fast in wash/light. They can also be mixed in combination to create an even broader horizon of colours. Please note that the swatches provided are only a guide and that colours may vary according to materials/temperatures/dye concentrations/length of fabric exposure/computer monitors. Sold as an individual container of 2/3oz (18.71).

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Sold per: 2/3 oz / 18.71g container
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