Hat Stiffener (Lacquer-based) Powder Millinery / Fabric Stiffener - 1/2 Cup

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This Lacquer-based stiffener is easy to use, quick-drying, and works well with felts, straw and lace. To use, mix 1/2 cup of powdered stiffener to 500ml of Isopropyl alcohol. See details for full instructions. Note: While this stiffener is paler than older varieties, it may still tint light and white fabrics. Please test before use.
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Colour: Forms clear solution | Price per 1/2 Cup
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Instructions for use

To make 500ml of stiffener - In a glass or plastic container, mix 1/2 cup powdered stiffener to 500ml 99-100% Isopropyl alcohol, Using a bristle brush, mix every 5 minutes for 20 minutes, and then intermittently until completely disolved (a few hours). 


• IMPORTANT NOTICE: Please do a test patch first to ensure the solution is correct for your fabric before applying to the entire surface area.
• Experimenting is going to be your best teacher. It all depends on the fibre, the saturation, and your stiffness preference.
• Once mixed, the solution will keep if left in a sealed container.
• Store unmixed powder in a cool, dry place.


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