Hat Stiffener CM Extra Strength (Water-based) Millinery / Fabric Stiffener

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This water-based hat stiffener is stronger than the standard strength stiffener that is also available on our website. It is made with a PVA base and and can be easily diluted with water (normally 1 part stiffener to 4-5 parts water) and applied with a spray bottle, brush or immersed in a bucket/tray. It is non-flammable and non-toxic so it is safe to use and easily transported. This stiffener is mainly used in Millinery but can be used on other fabrics as well. It is highly recommended that a small sample/area is tested first before applying stiffener to the entire area to be treated. If spraying, start with a light spray and continue to spray layers until desired stiffness is achieved. If the stiffener is applied too densely or on dark colours, it may result in a visible 'white/cloudy' residue (so always remember to test first before use). For those who want to stiffen thicker materials such as wool or fur felt, you may want to consider diluting the stiffener further to ensure the liquid can easily soak into the material.
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Available in 100ml and 1L quantities.
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