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Ever wanted to carve your own hat block? XPS polystyrene is a durable form of modelling foam. It's lightweight yet hardy physical characteristics make it a versatile material for sculpting and it has been used in many applications such as surfboards, remote control vehicles etc... In Millinery, these blocks may be used as a substitute for wood allowing you essentially carve your own hat block! Carving can be done using Stanley knives/box cutters or more high-powered tools such as electric knives/heat knives/saws etc... (as the carving process may result in the dulling of sharp instruments, using box cutters with cheap disposable blades would be more recommended than using a kitchen knife set! Box cutters also allow for more dexterity and precision movement meaning you can carve finer details easier). Should our individual blocks be too small, multiple blocks may be combined to form a greater volume. Our adhesive choice is a low temperature glue gun as this will not melt the foam. If painting, solvent based paints should be avoided as it may damage the foam. Some sprays may be suitable however always test before attempting on the final product. This product is water resistant, non-allergenic and does not support the growth of any mildew/mold. Caution should always be exercised when carving this product with sharp instruments. These blocks come in a pre-cut size of 30cm x 30cm x 10cm. Sold per individual block. CAUTION: This product is a thermoplastic and will warp/recede from heat. It does, however, contain flame retardants and hence is non-flammable.
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Dimensions: Approximately 30cm x 30cm x 15cm | Sold per: Individual Block
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