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DIY Face Masks

Learn how to make an easy reusable fabric face mask at home with our product kit, free pattern and instructional video (all available below). Our design includes a filter pocket for added hygiene, with two options to attach the elastics. The kit includes a pattern (with three sizes), cotton fabric for the outer and inner layer, cotton lining for the filter pocket, and elastics for attachment.
We also sell all of the materials individually so you can just stock up on just the items you require. Also available are wire products that are suitable for the nose ridge if you wish to make a mask that has more contouring around the nose and cheek area.
Click on the video below to watch our instructional video;

Important note: These are not medical/surgical grade masks and should not be used for health reasons without consulting a health care professional. They are ideal for casual use and house-hold activities, and a good reminder not to touch your nose and mouth. We highly recommend using 100% cotton materials and all fabrics should be pre-washed at 60C / 140F or higher prior to sewing and after each use. Please check fabric care specifications particularly for colours and prints prior to washing.
Face maks or face coverings will soon be mandatory in Melbourne and Mitchell Shire. For more information regarding the use of face masks in Victoria, please visit the DHHS website.
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