DIY Kit - Sequin & Beaded Bauble

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Make your own Sequin & Beaded Bauble with House of Adorn!

Printed instructions are included with your kit and you can read below.

1. Thread your pins first with a seed bead, and then a sequin.

2. Push threaded pins in to the polystyrene ball on an angle so they stay secure.

3. Keep putting the pins in the ball until there's a space for one more.

4. Cut a piece of the sequin trim (or length of string or ribbon) and make a loop at the length you would like the ball to hang, and push a pin through the two ends to secure the loop.

5. Push the pin with the loop into the last spot on the ball.

6. Use one last sequin to push over the loop and seal the gap.

7. Your bauble is ready to hang! Pins are needed to make this bauble.

If you don't have pins already, make sure to include them in your kit.

This Product Kit is suitable for all experience levels, including beginners. If you have never made a sequin bauble before, this is a good place to start.

Customize DIY Kit - Sequin & Beaded Bauble
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Your Customization - DIY Kit - Sequin & Beaded Bauble
DIY Kit - Sequin & Beaded Bauble

In stock