DIY Kit - Beaded Tassel Christmas Tree

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Make your own Beaded Tassel Trim Christmas Tree with House of Adorn! Printed instructions are included with your kit and you can read below. 1. Starting at the bottom, pin the ribbon of the trim into the cone. 2. Begin wrapping the ribbon around by turning the cone and holding the ribbon flat. Wrap the ribbon layers as close together as possible to minimise the white of the cone coming through. 3. Pause wrapping and push a pin through the ribbon every couple of rows to secure. 4. Once you reach the top, you can use the ribbon to cover the tip, or a sequin or other embellishment. 5. Display and enjoy your very own handmade Christmas tree! Pins are needed to secure the trim. If you don't have pins, we recommend including them in your kit. This Product Kit is suitable for all experience levels, including beginners. If you have never made a beaded trim Christmas Tree before, this is a good place to start.