Dec 01, 2023

How To Decorate Your Street With Giant Tree Bows

Giant Tree Bows are a growing trend, and a great way to add some Christmas Flair to your street. Team up with your neighbours, and dress up your suburb for the holiday season!

Learn what fabrics are best to use, where to buy them, and how much you'll need below.

What fabrics are best for Giant Tree Bows?

Although just about any fabric will work for a giant tree bow, we recommend using a stiff tulle netting. Made of 100% Nylon, Tulle is going to survive out in the weather, and is available in a wide range of colours - though red is the traditional favourite.

Make sure you get a thick stiff tulle, rather than a soft bridal tulle, as this will better hold the bow shape and be more durable over time. 

At House of Adorn, we've picked out the perfect tulle to use - take a look at our Tulle for Giant Street Tree Bows to ensure you're getting the right stuff. 

How much fabric do I need for a Giant Tree Bow?

How much fabric you need for your street tree bow is obviously going to depend on the size of the three, but we'd recommend about 5-7 metres per tree on average.

At House of Adorn, we sell Tulle for Street Tree Bows in continuous lengths, so you can buy enough for a few trees at once and cut it down to the perfect length! 

How do you tie a Giant Tree Bow?

Tying a giant bow on any sort of tree is easy! Take a look at our handy video guide below - 

Where can I buy fabric for Street Tree Bows?

At House of Adorn, we stock the perfect stiff tulle for any Giant Tree Bows. Simply take a look at our Giant Tree Bow Product Kit or our Stiff Netting Tulle. In addition to the traditional red and green, we also stock this tulle in a full rainbow of colours for any occasion. 

We ship worldwide with Express Shipping, or feel free to visit us in-store.

Products for Tree Bows

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    Stiff Netting Tulle (Price per 1m)
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