Sep 09, 2021

Breaking with Tradition - Explore These Alternative Fabrics & Materials

From faux leather to paper-woven fabric, why not try these alternative materials on your next project? 

With two styles and a great range of colours to choose from, our brand new range of faux feathers are a great addition to your millinery creations.

These paper and poly woven fabrics make for a fun alternative to natural straw, and are avaliable in an array of weave patterns and bright colours.

Our Faux Leather fabrics look great and are easy to work with. They are sold by the metre and so are particularly good choice for large projects.

Our paper-woven hat bodies are a great alternative to natural straw. They're made of high-performance paper and are easy to block and stiffen.

Our new Rayon Raffia is a great addition to your projects and is completely biodegradable and our Recycled Lycra is an eco-friendly stretch material made from 100% regenerated nylon. 


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