Blocking Canvas - Shape to Create Fusible Interfacing Buckram - Firm W90cm

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Shape to Create Fusible Interfacing helps add structure and firm support to garments. Suitable for dresses, full skirts, purses, bags, hat, costumes and more. This interfacing is machine washable & dry cleanable and 90cm in width

Instructions for use:
1. Pre-wash all fabrics without fabric softener
2. Always pre-test interfacings on a swatch of the same material being used before starting project.
3. Cut fusible interfacings as per pattern instructions. Cut away seam allowance if required
4. Pre-heat iron to medium temperature with steam setting on.
5. Place adhesive (rough/shiny) side of the interfacing down on the back (wrong) side of the material being bonded.
6. Cover with a light, dry pressing cloth. Press and hold iron with medium pressure for 10-15 seconds. Repeat by lifting iron to new area and pressing slightly overlapping previous area until entire surface is bonded. Allow to cool. If additional ironing is required press 5 seconds from the from of the project.
7. Allow to cool.

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Width: 90cm

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