Blocking Canvas 20/20 Buckram - Double Sided Stiffener/Adhesive (Price per 1m)

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This type of blocking canvas can also be known as Buckram, 20/20, and modern day Leno. There are different varieties but this particular type has been coated with a stiffener/sizing adhesive (either on one or both sides of the canvas) that gives it extra strength and allows other materials to bind to it. This product is a premium quality Millinery material imported from the UK.

In Millinery it is most popularly used in blocking hat bases and shapes. It is also very popular in the Dance and Theatrical industry and used as a foundation material in costumes and headpieces where strength and flexibility is required. To mould a shape, first dampen the canvas (with steam or water) and create your shape. Once dried, it will hold its shape (you may need to apply extra stiffener depending on the size/style of your design. Some humid/hot areas may also require extra stiffener as the canvas may not dry properly. To bind other light-weight materials (such as satin, straw cloth etc) to the canvas, simply use an iron. Remember to apply pressure to the material side to avoid the adhesive sticking to your iron.

This product is also available without stiffener in a variant known as Elastic canvas. Elastic canvas retains more elasticity than its stiffened counterparts and hence is easier to block. It can of course be stiffened after blocking and generally has a smoother finish. Elastic canvas is made of cotton and great for using under fine fabric coverings such as silk and satin. Any indents or overlaps can be fused with soap to join/infill to create a smooth finish. Available in either white and/or black. Priced per 1m.

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