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Flower Making Tool Sets

Flower Making Tool Sets
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French flower making techniques have been refined for centuries; immortalizing the design of nature's most beautiful flora in an undying material form. These flower making kits provide all of the necessary tools for you to be able to create your own version of these elegant adornments; fit for use on fascinators and headpieces or as a simple hair decoration.

The BEGINNER’S SET contains the minimum tools useful for those beginning this craft and comes with 4 different heads:

- 1x Large Width Spoon (7mm)
- 1x Rat’s Tail Hook
- 1x Knife/Scalpel Tool (2cm Blade)
- 1x Pure Brass Ball Head - 23mm

For complete versatility and artistry, the MASTER SET features a comprehensive range of 16 tool heads:

- 5x Pure Brass Ball Heads (30mm, 23mm, 20mm, 15mm and 9mm)
- 1x Iron Ball Head (5mm)
- 1x Brass Mallet Hammer Tool (Head Diameter - 19mm)
- 1x Rat's Tail Hook
- 1x Knife/Scalpel Tool (2cm Blade)
- 1x "Forget Me Not" Tool (5 Ridge Head 10mm - Length x 8mm Diameter)
- 1x Single Ridge Chrysanthemum Spoon
- 1x Double Ridge Chrysanthemum Spoon
- 1x Triple Ridge Chrysanthemum Spoon
- 3x Standard Spoons (Small Width - 4mm, Medium Width - 5mm, Large Width - 7mm)

Please note: These kits do not include a soldering iron. We have a compatible iron available separately, and these tools will work in irons compatible with 6mm ø tips.

Prices are per set.

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Components: See set descriptioins above | Sold Per: Individual Set

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Name:Flower Making Tools Master Set - 16 Tools
Unit Price:$299.00
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Name:Flower Making Tools Beginner Set - 4 Tools Only
Unit Price:$129.00
Final Price:$0.00
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