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Hat Stiffener (Gelatin Stiffener / Sizing) Powder Form Millinery / Fabric Stiffener (Price per 50g)

Hat Stiffener (Gelatin Stiffener / Sizing) Powder Form Millinery / Fabric Stiffener (Price per 50g)
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This is a biodegradable and non-toxic water-based product that is environmentally safe and user friendly. Generally used for stiffening delicate fabrics, but can also be used on straw, felt or other fabrics. Gelatin Stiffener can be used in various consistencies. This depends on the material/s you are working on. The following, will give you a guide to using the Gelatin, however experimenting will be your best teacher. It is non hazardous and can be safely transported via road or air. Sold per 50 grams. See "Description" for further instructions on how to use.

Product Measurements

Colour: Forms clear solution | Price per 50g


1. Place the Gelatin granules into a bowl. Pre- soak with tap water, just enough to cover the surface. You can stir the granules so they are all wet, but it is not necessary. The granules will begin to dissolve and form a gel.

2. At this stage, you are able to vary the Gelatin’s dilution depending on your task at hand. Please refer to the Application steps below.


1. Sponge or brush on method (suitable for thicker materials like lace). The Gelatin solution may be thicker for this method. You may try 50% Gelatin to 50% water.

2. Spray on method (suitable for thinner materials like chiffon, silk etc). Dilute one part Gelatin to approximately 15 parts water. Place the dissolved granules into an atomiser (spray bottle), add the hot (not boiling) water, put a lid on the bottle and shake well until all is dissolved for approximately 2 minutes.

3. Dipping or immersing method (suitable if you require full coverage). Start with 1 part Gelatin to 100 parts water and test the materials before adjusting the consistency. Your results will indicate whether you need the stiffener to be thicker or thinner.


• IMPORTANT NOTICE: Please do a test patch first to ensure the solution is correct for your fabric before applying to the entire surface area.
• Experimenting is going to be your best teacher. It all depends on the fibre, the saturation, and your stiffness preference.
• Once mixed with water, the Gelatin solution does not store well, therefore only mix as much as you will use in 1-2 days, and store in refrigeration between uses.
• Once mixed, the solution can also be frozen. If frozen, thaw and lightly microwave to preferred heat level.
• Steaming the hat body while the stiffener is still wet allows it to penetrate into the hat material.
• On felt hat bodies, apply to the inside of hat only.

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Name:Hat Stiffener (Gelatin Stiffener / Sizing) Powder Form Millinery / Fabric Stiffener (Price per 50g)
Unit Price:$12.50
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