Abaca Tinalak Straw Fabric - Plain - 24" / 61cm (Price for 0.5m)

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Tinalak is a traditional fabric/cloth derived entirely from interwoven abaca fibres. This rare material originates from the Tboli people of the Philippines and uses the principle tones of abaca leaves as well as plant dyes to create variation in colour. Its straw-like texture is refined enough to make it surprisingly soft and flexible with a polished finish to top it off - a natural, exotic alternative to standard millinery fabric with application extending not only to fascinator creation but to hardier constructions such as bags or embroidery. This fabric is approximately 24" / 61cm wide and is sold by the half metre. This fabric is much denser and has a much tighter weave than other straw fabrics such as Sinamay, hence it is thicker and does not have as much give. So although it can be steamed and stiffened like other traditional straw materials and used in blocking simple shapes, it would be difficult to use when blocking shapes with sharp or deep edges. It is very popular for flat pattern hats such as pillboxes made with a tip and side band, and also for trims and sculptural designs. It does not have any sizing/stiffener but in most cases it may not require any depending on the size of the designs.
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Width: 24" / 61cm | Price per: 50cm
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