2Adorn Classic Crystals - Non-Hotfix Diamantes - SS40 (Price per ¼ gross)

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per ¼ gross

Our 2Adorn crystals are a 12 facet chaton rose round glass crystal with rich and vibrant depths of colour. These crystals are a stunning adornment to any costume, garment or invitation whether it be the subtle glimmer of a rare few or the radiant sparkle of many. These crystals are designed to be glued onto your creation and will maintain their shine and brilliance even after being washed.

Each rhinestone crystal has a width of 8mm (Size SS40) and is sold by the 1/4 gross (approx 36 crystals) of an individual style.

Product Measurements

Crystal Size: SS40 (8mm) | Price per: Pack of 36 (1/4 Gross)

If other colours are available for this product, these are listed in the table below. Please note colour variations may occur especially on naturally occurring products and those that have been dyed. We try our best to ensure colour consistency but cannot guarantee that two different products with the same colour description will have the same colour.